FAQ- Frequently asked questions

Where does salmon come from?
The salmon is raised in Norway, from where it is brought whole to Finland. In Finland, salmon is gutted and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Food Act. The fillets are used for human consumption.

How much does the freight cost?
Freight is included in the price of the products.

What is the delivery time of the products?
The delivery time of the products is 1-3 weeks from the order. After ordering, you will know the delivery date, you will be in touch if you need the load earlier.

What do salmon head bags contain?
The salmon heads come with the salmon head and tails.

What does dog food salmon contain?
Dog food salmon boxes contain salmon heads, tails and stems, whichever is best available.

What kind of packaging do the salmon come in?
The salmon comes frozen, bagged in a cardboard box. 20 kg in a bag. From which it is easy to transfer the bags directly to the freezer.

Do the loads come directly to the home or can they be picked up somewhere?
The loads mainly come directly to your desired delivery location, as far as the truck can go.